Hello, I'm Lisa Ridgely, a photographer living in Hanover, Pennsylvania.

In addition to making photographs, I love God, nature, blueberry muffins, documentaries, mint chocolate chip ice cream, navy blue cardigans, historical sites, reading, walks, tea lattes, Orioles baseball, museums, and spending time with my husband, Josh, and our daughter, Madilyn.

Thank you for your interest in my work!


When I began pursuing photography as an art - studying techniques and philosophies, making photographs intentionally, creating thousands of pieces of new work - it became apparent that the botanical elements I'd adored since childhood, with their exquisite details and color palettes, were also my ideal and most beloved photography subjects. 

Many of my photographs are made fairly locally, often on walks through my small town or on weekend adventures with my little family. I also enjoy travel, and am always up for a photo excursion near or far. 

I work with an expert professional photography lab to print my photographs on premium archival professional-grade paper with a smooth deep matte finish, creating a gallery-quality fine art photograph with beautiful color and detail.

I seek to create a curated collection of photographs that become inspiring sources of wonder, tranquility, and light. 


After years of loving to make photographs, I officially founded Lisa Ridgely Photography in 2015.

Through my work - in my photographs, here on my website, and in how I run my business - I hope to cultivate a place of tranquility and thoughtfulness in the midst of an often noisy and confusing world.  I very much enjoy connecting and building relationships with the collectors of my photographs, and with others in the art and photography industry as well, and I would be delighted to correspond with you!

Please feel welcome to write me a note at mail@lisaridgely.com.