When I began pursuing photography as an art - studying techniques and philosophies, making photographs intentionally, creating thousands of pieces of new work - it became apparent that the botanical elements I'd adored since childhood, with their exquisite details and color palettes, were also my ideal and most beloved photography subjects. 

I seek to create a curated collection of photographs that become inspiring sources of wonder, tranquility, and light. 


Hello, I'm Lisa Ridgely, a photographer living in Hanover, Pennsylvania.

In addition to making photographs, I love God, nature, blueberry muffins, documentaries, mint chocolate chip ice cream, navy blue cardigans, historical sites, reading, walks, tea lattes, Orioles baseball, museums, and spending time with my husband, Josh, and our daughter, Madilyn.

If you would like a look outside the frame of my professional work, I've shared some of my personal photographs in my photo journal.

Please feel welcome to write me a note at mail@lisaridgely.com.

Thank you for your interest in my work!