I recommend ordering photographic prints from www.mpix.com.

Mpix offers a simple ordering process, fast turnaround, professional-quality products, and well-packaged delivery.

Please feel welcome to be in touch with any questions about ordering your prints! I will be glad to help!


Begin by navigating to WWW.MPIX.COM


From the home page, select PRINTS from the top menu. 

From the drop-down, select the first option, PHOTO PRINTS.


If you'd like, you can scroll down this screen to read details about the different photo print options.

When you are ready to begin ordering, select the red “Order Now' button.


You will be prompted to either sign in (if you are a returning customer) or create an account (if you are a new visitor).

Once you are signed in, you will be taken to the ordering page.


First, you'll select your photographs:

Select "Your Computer" and then "ADD YOUR PHOTOS"


Navigate to the files on your computer that you would like to have printed.

I have placed my file on my desktop ahead of time for convenience.

Select the file(s) you wish to order prints of and then select 'Open' to add them to your mpix ordering page.


Once your file(s) have been added, you can begin making your specific print selections.

Select a photo (a red box will form around it to show it is selected). Then choose the size you would like to order from the right hand drop down menu.

Make sure the size you select matches the size on the file name of the photo.


Next, select the paper type you'd like for your print.

I have selected E-Surface. I recommend this paper surface for any of the photographs in my collection.


Indicate the quantity you would like to order.

If you'd like to add mounting or coating, also select those options.

When you have reviewed your selections, click the red "ADD PRINT" button to place this print in your cart.

Once you select ADD PRINT, your file will upload. This may take just a moment.


You will now be prompted to edit the added print if you would like. You should not make any adjustments in this area. If you have added the correct file for the size you wish to order, no cropping or adjustments are necessary – your file has already been cropped and formatted to the correct size.

Important Note: If you would like to also order this same photo in a different size, DO NOT use the “PICK NEW SIZE” option in this area to order a different size. Instead, select the ADD YOUR PHOTOS button again and add the file (from your Lisa Ridgely Photography order) that is correctly labelled as the second size you wish to order. I have formatted your files to be optimized for each specific size. Using the same file to order different sizes or to order a size other than that indicated by the filename will affect print quality.

Repeat this process for each print you would like to order.

Once you have made and reviewed all your selections, select the red “GO” button at the bottom right.


Review your selections in the cart, then proceed to checkout by selecting the red "CHECKOUT" button at the top right.

Lisa Ridgely mpix13

You will now be taken to the final checkout page.

You may choose to add additional options to your order at the top under "ORDER OPTIONS"

For best results, select "Do not color correct Print items" as files from the LR Print Shop are already color corrected.

Complete your shipping and billing information.

After reviewing your information carefully, select "PLACE ORDER" to complete your order!

I hope that you love your new prints!