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Printing Services

There are many online printing services that offer a wide range of options for photographic printing. Many services offer a variety of printing methods and surfaces, from beautiful paper finishes to canvas wraps and gallery blocks.

Your files from my shop are pre-sized to standard print sizes for your convenience. Each is labelled with the sizing at the end of the file name. Please be sure to select the correct file for the print size you wish to order when uploading your files to the printing service.

If the printing service you select offers the option for 'color correction', decline this option for the best results, as the files are already color corrected.

While there are a wide range of photographic papers available through various printing services, I recommend selecting a luster (sometimes called 'e-surface') finish paper. This finish complements all of the photographs in my collection.

I have conducted extensive research and testing of online printing services, having tested nearly a dozen professional printers for quality, ease of use, and price point. For printing your photographs from my shop, I recommend ordering from

Home Printing

If you would like to print your files at home, be sure to first be aware of the available printing options your printer offers and the setting selections that will produce the highest quality result for photographic printing. 

Your files are pre-sized to standard print sizes for your convenience. Be sure to select the correct file for the size you wish to print, and to enter this size in your print dialog box as outlined by your printing software.

Paper quality can make a tremendous difference in output quality in home printing. I like several of the papers offered by Red River Papers for home printing. For a traditional photographic luster finish, I recommend Red River 68 lb UltraPro Satin 4.0 and 75 lb Artic Polar Luster papers. If you prefer a matte finish, I recommend Red River 60 lb Polar Matte paper.

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